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LESSON PLAN opening in 2012

Teacher Section
Teachers, this section of the website will enable you to download lesson plans, course materials, and other useful educational resources for your students to learn more about the War of 1812 historical events that took place on Maryland's Eastern shore.
Student Section
What if you were a fifer
in the War of 1812?

Find the answer to this fun question and much more inside this special section for students!


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Brought to you by the Office of Tourism for the following Eastern Shore Maryland Counties:
Home to the British 1813 encampment on the Eastern Shore, skirmishes and attacks on Queenstown and Centreville.
Home to the attack on St. Michael’s and the home of John Leeds Kerr who initially led a regiment in the war and later became the Adjutant General responsible for recovering all payments to Maryland Militia and Privateers for expenses and losses.
Home to Caulk's Field (Aug 31, 1814) five miles west of Chestertown, one of America's best preserved War of 1812 battlefields says 1812 historian/author Scott Sheads.
Home of West Denton’s Old Harford Town Maritime Center and in 1811 the Eastern Shore’s first moveable bridge across the Choptank River.
Home to Taylor’s Island--Battle of the Ice Mound--and the single best documentation of War of 1812 Veterans burial documentation.