The Battle of the Ice Mound

  • As told by the newspapers
  • The Preparations in Dorchester based on observations of the British
  • The leaders on each side, who they were, what they were like, their stories
  • The Story of the Battle as told in the newspapers
  • The Story of the Battle Recalled in 1961 by Thomas A. Flowers on the Occasion of the Dedication of the “Becky Phipps’, the cannon placed at the entrance of Taylor’s Island

The Story of Dorchester County in the War of 1812...

The leaders in Dorchester County at the Time of the War of 1812

  • Major William Newton, chair of Committee of Safety for Dorchester County
  • John Jones
  • Samuel Keene
  • Thomas Pattison
kent county seal


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The Federal Constitution and Liberty Forever

Houses of the Time

Where and What to Visit in Dorchester County....

Local Dorchester County Resources and Contacts

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