The Skirmish At Slippery Hill
and the Sacking of Bowlingly
  • The Queenstown area layout
  • The leaders on each side,who they were, what they were like, their stories
  • The Story of the Skirmish as told in the newspapers
  • The Story of the Sacking as Remembered by Family
  • Additional information discovered later

The Story of Queen Anne’s County in the
War of 1812...

The leaders in Queen Anne’s County at the Time
of the War of 1812


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The Linnet
Houses of the Time

Pratt Mansion 3rd qtr. 18th C.

Reed’s Creek Farm
c. 1775

Walnut Grove
c. 1st or 2nd qtr. 18th C.

Readbourne 1730’s,
1791, 1948

Kennersley c. 1785-1798

Bloomingdale 1792

Groverman House 1798

Cray House 1809

Old Mill at Wye Mills
c. 1790

Queenstown Colonial
Courthouse c 1709

Bowlingly 1733

Tucker House c. 1792

Wright’s Chance c. 1744

QAC Courthouse 1796

Peace and Plenty 1774

Where and What to Visit in Queen Anne’s County...

  • Getting to Each of the Queen Anne’s Sites
  • Where to Stay and Where to Eat

Local Queen Anne’s County Resources
and Contacts

Slippery Hill

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